What is Hypnobirthing?

Edinburgh HynobirthingA Hypnobirthing course gives mothers and their birth companions the tools to create a calm, comfortable birth environment, using deep relaxation techniques that give women the best opportunity to give birth calmly and naturally with minimal discomfort. Your body is perfectly designed to support you during labour and birth. Over time this belief has been eroded and many women doubt their ability. Hypnobirthing is a popular, logical and effective form of antenatal education.

Some potential benefits of Hypnobirthing for mothers include:

• A shorter and more comfortable labour and birth
• Less need for intervention (including episiotomy, medication or surgical birth)
• Less need for an induction
• A more satisfying experience with faster recovery rates, improving maternal confidence

Potential benefits of Hypnobirthing for babies include:

• A calmer birth with less trauma
• Being more alert at birth
• Feeding and sleeping better

The benefits of Hypnobirthing for birth companions include:

• A central role during pregnancy and birth, keeping the mother calm and relaxed
• Increased ability to remain calm and focused, invaluable for parenthood
• Being able to interact confidently with care providers, ensuring the best birth environment
• Improved bonding with baby, which starts during pregnancy

A note on hypnosis

Hypnosis is simply a feeling of relaxed concentration. 

A person will only go into hypnosis if they give themself permission to do so. A birthing mum in hypnosis is in total control of her birth and body, so she will be completely aware of her surroundings but it will not affect her ability to stay relaxed and in control.

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