Information about classes

Edinburgh HynobirthingClasses last for four weeks and are two hours long.

Classes can start from 24 weeks of pregnancy. You and your birthing companion can attend group or one-to-one classes.  For dates and times of group classes please get in touch. One-to-one classes will be arranged through consultation with you and can be held in the comfort of your own home (within the Edinburgh area). 

What's included:

• Four week Hypnobirthing course
• Hypnobirthing book and MP3                                
• Refreshments during class

Over four weeks, I will take you through the following:

In pregnancy

• Self-hypnosis techniques to use during pregnancy
• Deep relaxation methods
• Writing your own personal birth plan, including what   language to use to work with midwifery and medical staff to get your best birth possible

About the birth

• Learning about your amazing body and the physiology of labour and birth
• Specific and vitally helpful breathing and visualisation techniques for each of the birth stages
• Positioning for an optimal birth, and how to deal with slowed down progress during labour
• How to eliminate fatigue during labour, so you remain fresh, awake and with energy during and after birthing
• How to deal with anxiety and tension which in turn should reduce fear and pain in labour

Prices (for four 2 hour sessions)

• Groups: (Maximum 5 couples per group) £170 +  additional price of £15 for MP3 and book
• One-to-one: £375 per couple